Gas tank cleaning and sealing

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    A couple of days ago I set out to clean and seal the inside of the gas tank on my 1933 model 836 Pierce Arrow.  I had purchased a kit that had arrived about 4 days before so was good and fresh.  I followed the included instructions very carefully, using a framework I had made to keep it off the ground and make rotation easier.  One of the last steps is to add the sealer (2ea quart bottles).  After that is done, the tank is rotated into all possible orientations and then the excess seater is dumped out.  When I did that, nothing came out.  The next step is to open all of the holes.  They were sealed for the process.  When the holes were opened I could see that the sealer had not flowed into any part of the tank between the baffles.  That is about 1/2 of the inside surface and all I could see through the hole for the gas level sensor (not a float on this car).  Still none would dump out through the fill pipe, so there must be a 2 quart lump of sealer in the first chamber.  The sealer did not flow at all.  I have sent a complaint to the supplier but gotten no response.  No matter what they tell me, I am going to have to have a new tank made or somehow get this one open and remove the lump.  I would like very much to use the original tank if possible.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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