Front Spring Bumper How to make a Toyota into a Pierce in 20 minutes

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    Back ground: I now own Robert O Neal’s unfinished 20 year restoration of a 1930 Model B Convertible Coupe. After many years apart and mostly back together I keep finding small things missing on my car. When Robert passed his 90th birthday he bolted the car back together with restored and unrestored parts in hope of driving his car one more time. He passed away at 92 without reaching that goal.

    After running an ad in the Emporium looking for these bumpers without success, I dug out my parts booking and started measuring modern bumpers. 1990’s rear Toyota truck was the closest I could find and they are still available . Part number 48341-04100. My cost was $24 for a pair. They require 1/4 inch of rubber to be removed from the front and rear, grind the metal edge back the same distance and they fit directly in place. I also took a hacksaw and removed the top diamond off both mounts so they look like the originals. A 3M pad gave the bumper a smooth finish where I had to cut the mount. I hope this helps others find a replacement for there cars. Karl


    Missing front bumper location


    New Toyota part


    Before and after bumper


    Before and after from the front


    BOY will I be glad when we have the new Website, and we don’t have to delete the whole post just too fix 2 spelling errors!!!! that talk to text makes for me. Been THIER and done that? Karl



    IMPRESSIVE. I appreciate your creativity.

    Now if I can just turn a Corolla into a Silver Arrow…..



    Excellent Ingenuity Karl

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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