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    I wish to say Kudos! to the person responsible for placing a copy of the Monthly Bulletin in this months club mailing.

    I found it to be most interesting and informative. Among the elements I learned about was the prevalence of adding electric starting and lighting equipment onto earlier cars. Of course when given a choice who would prefer handcranking a 48HP engine?? Also surprised to see the fitting of Jiffy side curtains onto a Pierce in place of the factory sidecurtains.

    Does anyone have technical information with regard to the system components for the cited Rushmore Starting and lighting system?


    When electric self starting came out around 1912 it caused cars not so equipped to take a hit on resale.A number of firms like Rushmore,Westinghouse

    and others made available kits to retrofit cars not so equipped.A Dykes Auto Encyclopedia of the 1913-1920 should discuss some of these systems as well as other automobile technical books of that era.


    Apple Electric Company converted gas lights to electric in 1907. In

    1910 my Rambler came stock with electric sidelamps and tail light. I

    once got a ride in a 1907 Packard 30 that had been converted to a

    period electric starter that hung where the crank would be. The wires

    were very thick.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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