Forum now here, and on AACA….a house divided

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    Someone make a decision, please.

    Now, to see content or comments, one needs to go to the traditional PAS forum “here”, and also to the “new” forum on AACA (which isn’t new, there’s been a Pierce area there for a while, and activity there has been abysmal to say the least).

    There are posts on the AACA that usually would have been here….

    Someone make a decision and eliminate one or the other, please.  C’mon, man….make something happen.


    I hope this matter will be addressed at the Zoom Board meeting on October 18.

    I’ve been an AACA member since 1962, a member of the AACA forum for 20 years–but not nearly as prolific a contributor as David is.  I’m sure that David will agree that anyone showing up on the AACA forum with a newly-acquired Pierce is immediately directed, by both PAS members and non-members, to join PAS as the ultimate source of information on the marque.  Any marketing benefit from placing OUR posts here on AACA is virtually nil, IMHO, and I fear that we would be giving away too much of what we have to “sell” as membership benefit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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