Floor mats 1929-1931 open cars

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    There’s some discussion by another PAS member of doing a second run of floor mats. Exact reproduction of original mat from my 1931 Model 43, it fits most 1929-31 open cars.  Cost is much higher than first run, fabricator states too much work to make.

    If anyone has interest and willing to pay in the $1400 range, let me know.  I don’t care either way, since I have my mat, and I would not be handling them this time,  but at least thought I’d share the opportunity….



    These mats will also fit EDL cars of from ’29 – ’31 as I had one made for mine.

    My original mat had a few, very, very minor differences but you would really, really have to look to see them.

    The mat that David had done is so nice I wanted to put it in a clear case and hang it on the wall rather than put it in the car to be stepped on!


    Thanks Craig, a lot of work went into getting the mats nicely done.  I know about what you mean on minor differences, and know about them, but some things I couldn’t quite get the fabricator to go along with.  The ribs are the big thing, lots of work.  I think at this point just a couple of people have shown interest, I’m not doing anymore, and the cost to do a few more is high.


    The close up above makes the mat look funny, but I can tell you, as Craig mentioned, they are really pretty.  Thanks David C.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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