Finally Out On The Road and Running Right

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    Even though it was kind of a cold, windy day here with a dash of rain, it was like pure sunshine for me!  Finally, after all of these starts and stops, pretty much everything that needed to be done on my 1933 1236 EDL got done.  I was finally able to get the new wheels from Stutzman Wheel installed on the car and I was off and running, ready for this Sunday’s auto show at nearby Triton College in River Grove.  I was even able to touch up most of the paint chips, and they look all right from 5 feet away.  I’m following Greg Long’s advice, and am going to hold off on a repaint until I hit a point where I can’t drive it any more on tours.  At that point I’ll have it professionally redone and display it at the museum.  After getting the wheels on, I drove over to a local hand wash and had them do a complete interior and exterior clean on the car.  Cruising home, with the Pierce Arrow/Philco ME radio playing, the car sparkling and shining, I was on top of the world.  I need to get more miles on it, although it seems to be running very well.  I was hoping to trailer it out to the meet this June, but I couldn’t get anyone to ride with me and share the driving, and it’s a long haul out there by yourself.

    Anyway, Gilmore is very doable from here and I plan to be there in August.

    I’ll post some pictures from the Triton show next week.  I heard that someone we all know will also be there.






    There is no other feeling than the first ride in the Spring.  Tomorow we return to Saratoga, and after the horror of putting everything away, and waking up the house, I  will start the cars, and begin another wonderful season with the old cars




    Both elements of ending slumber can be fun. Waking and starting the old cars from their winter slumber for another enjoyable driving season or waking the house from their morning slumber. Having done several similar things in my past, I won’t ask which was more enjoyable. Beginning another season with the old cars is certainly more gratifying for a longer period of time, but waking the whole household can bring much more immediate excitement.  To repeat the old Esso slogan, “Happy Motoring” to you and yours this summer. Herb

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