Felt-like under driver compartment mat

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    Anyone know what this stuff is? Some sort of felt-like material, almost paper fibers, surely to provide sound and heat insulation.

    Ours is in pieces and a replacement would help. Suggestions please? I can send a picture of a small piece if that helps someone.




    Are you talking about the floor material on your Series 81?

    That should be battleship linoleum, perhaps deteriorated, but it should be linoleum.

    If you are asking about a material that is under a floor mat / rug in the front seating area that lies upon the linoleum, then it is up to someone else to provide an answer.



    Thanks for asking and making me write more clearly!

    It is our Series 81; both the chauffeur’s and the passenger compartments are carpeted: no linoleum anywhere. Under the chauffeur’s compartment rug is a felt-like padding that is coming apart in little chunks. We have had to get under it several times and undoubtedly will need to again. It is fibrous and very light, almost like paper. I don’t know that a picture will help, but I’ll attach one. The dimension edge to edge is about 4″. I presume it’s there to insulate from heat and noise

    Anyway, since it’s in bits and getting worse, I probably need to replace it and would like suggestions as to what to use.




    It is not currently the correct size nor shape but may be remnants of the felt in the opening for the peddles steering column and parking brake. If the 81 is like my 80


    My 1933 1236 also has some sort of felt like material under the carpet in both the front and rear compartments. It seems to be some sort of brown felt, and like yours, is kind of messed up. I don’t know if it’s original, however, as I know my car was reupholstered at some time in the past.


    Jim: this is just a little chunk of the stuff; it covers the entire floor board area under the compartment rug.

    Ken: it’s very light weight, reminds me of paper in some ways. If we both have it, that suggests original.


    Is it not jute carpet pad ?


    Don’t think mine is paper…the fibers are too fine, and too soft. We’re still working on my car at Scott Stastny’s shop, but when I go out Monday I’ll take a pic.


    Jack: my limited knowledge of jute is fairly course fibers, and this stuff is very fine and light. Little flecks of something white embedded, smaller than a grain of rice.

    Ken: I’ll be interested to compare your picture with mine.


    Robert, here’s a picture of the underlayment on my car. As stated, I’m not sure if its original as the car was reupholstered. I have the impression that it’s light and fuzzy so it doesn’t hold and trap moisture under the carpet.

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