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    I was looking at the fan support on my 836 and was wondering what the extra holes were on the mounting face.

    I first thought it was for a very coarse belt adjustment?

    Any clues?


    When I took mine apart that was all I could think of too.


    I think that’s correct. It gives you more leeway in case you can’t locate the correct length. It may also be that the old belts used to stretch a lot over time and this would give you some take-up.



    Every fan support mount I”ve seen has two sets of holes.. Maybe the V12 had a different spacing requirement?



    There ate three different casting numbers on all the brackets from 29-38 8 & 12. And they all seem to interchange without any issue. John and I have gone over them several times, never figured out why the different numbers or the extra holes. Unless the extra holes fit a Stude.


    Here’s one from a ’29 AFAIK that has only four holes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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