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    How mutch space is there between the radiator and fan it seams to be very close don’t want to loose a radiator.



    On our ’36 Eight, there is minimal clearance, ~1/2″ or less, between the fan blade and radiator.

    Your Twelve may have a similar tight clearance; a quick phone call to Ed Minnie (in the roster) will confirm this – he has a ’36 Twelve.

    Any new photos to post of your work-in-progress?




    Now that I no the fan is a 1/2 inch away (thanks Ed for the info) got it fired up yesterday note it dose help to pute te drain plug in the gas tank but it did help get rid of some oil spots on the flor let it run and get to operating temp shut it down changed the oil and filter.  Today re torqued down the heads was gone take it around the block cluch was stuck in tryed to start it in gear forward and reverce and it popped out sheeeewwwww didn’t want to drop the trans so I made it to the end of driveway and down the hill and ran out of gas lol at least I didn’t have to walk far


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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