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    Does anyone have photos of the “original”” fabric designs that were used on the bed and seating area for the “”C”” model Travelodge?”


    They are all the same fabric, A,B,& C. A strange light green pattern. I don’t have a photo on my hard drive, but the flooring and cushions on the more than half dozen original trailers I have seen and owned were all the same.


    This is Model B original fabric.


    Does anyone know of a source for this cloth?


    I never found anything close. I did mine in a 40’s pattern, including the flooring. I can smell the old musty cushion just by looking at the photo. I replaced mine with latex for a better and more comfortable feel and function.


    Thanks for all the information and the photo’s. This is the pattern that is in the model “C”” I just purchased.”



    You should check with some of the auto upholstery companies, like Mac’s (Cartouche) or dare I say SMS.

    I also expect that there are other vintage automobile upholstery suppliers.

    You also might wish to check out companies that stock home or commercial chair upholstery, as the cushions in a Travelodge wouldn’t get lots of seating time relative to the front seat of a car.

    Home and commercial chair / couch upholstery will off you 10,000 times as many style / fabric options as automobile upholstery companies.



    Nobody would buy they ugly green pattern upholstery today…………I spent a long time trying to find something close. Ten years ago…..maybe 15. Struck out. I like what I ended up with.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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