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    I am in the process of hand cleaning my block before putting it back together.

    While cleaning the intake/exhaust surface I found another stamped number on the forward face of the gasket surface. It is different from the block number on the other side.

    Any clues as to it’s significance?


    It is 3.49675. Guess it is the bore???


    I would say you are correct. If not split it up and play it in this week’s lottery.



    My ’29 engine had bore sizes stamped near each cylinder. They were all within a few 10 thousandths of each other. Talk about detail!




    Tolerances are a little sloppy, only 5 places. Try measuring that.


    I agree, that fifth digit is a pain to measure, especially when the temperature is not held constant…


    .0001 four places =ten thousandths.


    On mine, the last digit was either a 0 or a 5. Must have been a guess. As Mark said, temperature will affect that kind of accuracy, and I am sure they didn’t keep all the engines in a temperature controlled environment. Maybe they wanted to impress the mechanics that maintained the engines across the world.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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