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    Through a process, I am not sure I fully understand, I have been in contact with a gentleman who has possession of a PA engine and block that he is trying to save from the scrap heap. The engine number is 314527 which I think equates to a 1936 model. I need one but I am too far gone to begin rebuilding it. If there is any interest in these items I can put you in touch with the man. You can reach me at 618 806-2384.


    If you need a block, call John Cislak.


    Ed, perhaps I was not clear. This gentleman is trying to avoid the block and crank the indignity of ending in a salvage yard.


    The engine number is definitely a 1936. Important: Does the block have all nine main bearing caps?


    314527 is a late 8 cylinder number. My convertible sedan is 314405, and I believe was a June production car


    Sal, I thought he was trying to fix a rusty or defective engine….the late series engines have some value……depending on if they are cracked or need sleeves……they’s difficult to handle and many people won’t try and keep them for the logistical reasons……hope they save it….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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