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    Thanks to all who responded, and it’s interesting how few {percentage wise) are seemingly on this forum, I’ve had a lot of calls since print edition went out of the Emporium. Sold many things.

    I would like to point out that I have an extra copy of the very early Pierce publication, 1908, “The Factory Behind the Great Arrow”. It has some condition issues, but interior pages very nice, and priced in the $350 range is someone wants a real piece of history.

    Way back when, there was a dealer in Florida, Art Burrichter I believe is the spelling. He’d advertise Classic cars with some wording like “A special car for a special person”, anyone know the actual wording? He hooked and landed me once, with a 1928 443 Packard coupe.

    So, this book is special, don’t see it often, I’m looking for the person who’ll appreciate it…thanks David C.


    Is the most famous quote was ……..

    “ Where you would send a friend.”


    Didn’t he refer to himself as “Dr. Art Burrichter? He used to advertise in Hemmings.”


    Dr. Art was a character!


    Dr. Art was no friend, he outright lied to me about the car he sold me. In the end, I came out all right due to the great demand for Packards.

    There’s more to the story. I had the Pierce at the Gettysburg CCCA meet last year. A fellow came up to me and said “Hey, you sold me a Packard about 20 or more years ago”, and it was the 443 coupe. He told me the rest of the story, the coupe had such good running gear that they took off the body and put a roadster body on that frame. The coupe body went on a sedan chassis, the sedan body back on the not so good roadster chassis. The coupe body was later removed from that chassis, and as we talked a friend of his walked up and said “yeah, that coupe body is sitting in my garage now”…..sheesh, musical chairs with Packards!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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