Elektric sheme

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    Hi, cllolegues, maybe you have elecktic sheme model 1601 ,

    7- passenger


    Electric schematic?


    Hello Arvydas,

    A Wiring and Tune-up Guide (for 1913-1938 models) is available through the PAS Company Store; see the “Members” tab farthest to the right-hand side.

    Good luck, Stu Blair


    I found that form, but I can’t find any bank info where I can send my payment to. When I tried contacting someone I was directed to another person who completely ignored my messages



    The direct bank withdrawal used in Europe is not used in the United States. Normally, a bank would issue a “debit card,” similar to a Visa or Master Card that is processed just like a credit card. Normally, for a purchase from the PAS Company Store, you could use a major credit card, or a debit card issued by a credit card company. The debit card deducts the funds from your bank account, but again, is processed like a credit card. Contact Jim or Barbara Payne if you need futher assistance. They might be a little slow in replying as Barbara’s 100 year old father, who came along on the National meeting a few weeks ago, took ill while travelling and was in the hospital.


    Thank you for the information. I’ll try that


    Kenneth, people you mentioned are not listed in contacts page. And to find people on “Roster”” page I need a last name. Can you help me with that?”


    Jim & Barbara Payne

    10102 Watt Cemetary Rd.

    Loudon, TN 37774-4134


    Home Phone: cel 214/538-6702

    Office Phone: cel 214/538-6702

    Email to: 33parrow@gmail.com


    Thank you Peter

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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