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    1930 Pierce-Arrow
    Pierce Arrow Land Speed Streamliner

    This is a 1930 Pierce Arrow Streamliner built to run on the sand at Daytona Beach Florida. This vehicle was the first plastic bodied car ever built, one of the first aerodynamic streamliners and a part of American Racing history. I believe that the car was built by Preston Tucker for numerous reasons, but I have no documentation. I have offered a $1,000 reward for anyone that can prove who built this car. Restored, it is an automatic invite to some of the most prestigious car shows in the World. One of the last unrestored streamliners in existence.

    Car is complete except for radiator, 4 carbs, hood and other small items. Still retains its modified Pierce Arrow straight 8 and driveline. The car is even equipped with an altimeter.

    The car was found by Mike and Frank from American Pickers in 2012 on the show titled “Pandora’s Box”. It was shown once in its as-is condition at the St. Pete Festival of Speed in 2013 where it won “The American Racing Spirit” award. It has been stored inside and out of public view since that time. If someone can prove the Preston Tucker lineage, this presents a huge opportunity.

    Car can be inspected in the Clearwater Florida Area.


    The only true words in the description are “built”, “found by Mike and Frank”, award for some reason, and “can be inspected”….everything else is conjecture, or as they use to say, a tale woven out of whole cloth…


    I agree it’s intriguing but without documentation it doesn’t seem to be worth the price of admission let alone the “restoration” costs. Maybe I am off base there but my $0.02 Worth…

    I put quotations on restoration because without the missing provenance what do you do with it???


    He’s offered the $1000 reward for 6 or 7 years, not a shred of proof has turned up.  It’s a real interesting assemblage of parts, but his description is sure flowery for what it is….


    This car is being absolutely lambasted on the AACA…


    I knew of the car when Dave Harris took me to see it about three years before he bought it, as it was a mile from his house in a Largo Florida. They were asking 25k then for it in the back yard. I told them it wasn’t worth 2500. They didn’t allow us to take photos. We drove there in his 1912 Cadillac. The same old story…..junkyard chassis built by a 15 year old kid with no money.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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