Ebay 1935 Pierce Arrow Twelve-55 Limousine

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    Can anyone tell me about this Pierce Arrow on Ebay? Does it belong to a

    PAS member? Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you,



    Was a previous PAS member’s – Vince Shiro of Van Nuys – see old rosters. Looks like good amateur older restoration, and probably good driver. No Startix, questionable upholstery fabric (hard to tell from pics), no belt or wheel stripes, engine turned instrument panel is not stock. I don’t understand the “normal” style brake pedal instead of the accelerator-shaped one used for power brakes. The power brake unit is there, though.


    Looks like a decent car with some sorting and adjustments could be a fun driver. Whoever put the mirrors on the car should be beaten severely over the head. I agree with Bob’s comments. I see a handful of Seagrave parts on it……it is one of those car that looks like it has good bones…….just needs TLC and time. The rear end cover has new bolts in it???????? Whenever buying a 12, you should always take along someone who is familiar with them, parts can be expensive and hard to locate. Looks like the parking light lenses are plastic.


    I can’t find it on Ebay, can someone post a link? thanks


    Hello Everyone,

    Here is the link. I meant to put it in the first Post. Thank you for the feedback.



    Thanks. For some reason my Ebay search is not bringing up the car, interesting, but the link works.

    Looks like a good car, priced on the high end, to me, for an unknown car. If one could go look at and drive it, then decision might be easier.

    From an upholstery perspective, not real impressed, but it’s serviceable.



    I agree with you about those sideview mirrors.

    Did they come off of a 70’s FORD truck?

    Beaten about the head is too kind of a punishment.

    Death by 1,000 cuts would be better.



    This car has been for sale by St. Louis Museum for what must be most of last year. Same price. You would think that by now they would adjust their pricing to meet market demands.



    What are the handful of Seagrave parts you can see?


    I was in the museum yesterday, car could be a nice driver. The back uhpolstery is very nice and well done but incorrect material……looks odd, but very presentable. Overall a decent older amateur restoration. Could be lots of fun……the mirrors are ten times worse in person. They made four holes in each door!


    The rear looks like it might be 1979s velour; easity rectified by Dave Coco!


    I’m trying to quit rectifying!!

    Had some good friends bring me a front seat out of a 1934 Franklin.

    Here’s how it went.

    Them:Lets just put a cover over the old seat

    Me: OK, just any old material?

    Them: No, let’s use new broadcloth like original

    Me: Over the old seat that’s torn and worn?

    Them: Sure, we think the padding and springs are fine….

    Me: Hmmm, I feel a lump here, hope it’s not a dead mouse!

    Them: Oh, we hate mice in the cars

    Me (lifting up torn seat and cover): So I guess you REALLY don’t like this huge mouse nest that’s in the springs? I’m not covering that up with new material.

    Them: Yikes!

    Me: Take apart, clean, new socks for springs, new padding, or you can take it home as is (said nicely!)

    Them: OK, proceed, we need it in two weeks.

    Me: Yikes!

    Upholstery guy is always last on the list, when the restorer has spent tons of money already and there’s a deadline to finish!



    Perhaps you need to change your business card to “Magician””. ☺”


    Yes, upholstery is always last on the list and yes, upholstery can make or break a restoration.

    We’ve all seen cars with gorgeous paint and ‘what the hell were they thinking?’ upholstery.



    I’m nearinng the time for upholstry. Your statement is so true. The restorer and vendors have bled me dry. Im Looking for financial shortcuts, but realise I can not take them. The car is beautiful. If I cut now, it will ruin everything done to this point.

    A friend (some friend) said I should use PLEATHER. “IT WOULD BE A TON LESS. I knew right then I had to do it the right way with high end materials. PLEATHER, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. LOLOLO

    The car is almost there, but is at that stage when you assemble ANYTHING. A few missing things and a few things left over. lololol

    One last huge chunk for the upholstery guy. IT HAS TO BE RIGHT OR IT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING ELSE.

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