Duplex Motor Oil Cans

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    A while back, someone in the PAS repopped a small can labelled “Duplex Motor Oil No.1”. I would like make contact with them, as I have a similar project in mind for a Bendix Vacuum Cylinder Oil can. I have an original can to copy.



    I’d ask Betty Gluth.



    Hi Bob,

    That was a Gene Reeves (Ga) project to support the 2004 Asheville Meet.

    Happy Motoring,



    I think this is the Can.


    Yes, it is the correct can. Thank you. I have contacted Gene Reeves and now have the info I needed.


    Never heard of these before buying my car…


    I hate hitting go too early…

    As I was saying, never noticed one of these before and Tim, the previous owner of my car, asked if I wanted it for what he paid. So now I need to find one that goes under my seat.



    So PAS guys spend YEARS unsuccessfully searching in vain for that can, or any other Duplex P-A can, and you get to buy one when you bought your car.

    Talk about falling into your lap.

    You are indeed blessed.



    That is a neat find.

    I feel like I’ve been very lucky finding things.

    A couple of years ago, Ed Minnie came through town and we had supper. He was talking about the five gallon Pierce Duplex oil can he’d found.

    I was jealous, of course, but glad for his good fortune.

    The next day, I went to Craigslist in Buffalo, just for fun. Darned if there wasn’t a five gallon Pierce Duplex oil can for sale, fellow had pulled it out of the rafters of a shed.

    Now I have one too!


    Bob Barrett from Buffalo, NY believes these cans came with each car, but were intended to be kept on the shelf of the garage where the car was stored. They provided grease and oil for maintenance of your Pierce. They were never intended to be kept under the seat of the car once you had it out on the road. Thoughts ???

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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