Dual Spare Kit for Series 80 / 81 cars

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    Gents and Ladies,

    I have two (2) Dual Spare Conversion Sets available for sale.

    This is a run that I produced in 2013 and sold 8 of 10-sets to what I understand are very happy customers.

    The remaining two sets went on the shelf and I essentially forgot about them until I came across them a few days ago.

    The kit allows you to convert your rear-mounted Single Spare tire holder to a Dual Spare holder.

    It comes with all of the parts and hardware necessary to do the conversion, along with instructions as to what actions are required to execute the installation.

    The process should take one to two-hours to complete, minus painting, paint-aging time and / or taking it to whomever does your metal-plating.

    I had my set nickel-plated to match the external hardware on my 1925 Series 80, 7-Passenger DeLuxe Sedan.

    They are cast of silicon bronze, are excellent castings that fit like a glove.

    If you are interested, be quick, as they will likely be gone soon.

    Please refer to the Emporium for the price.

    Questions, please telephone me @ 978-270-3766.


    Dual Spare

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