Door Latch Spring for 1932

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    Does any member know where I can obtain a door latch spring for my 1932?  Ronald Kurland


    I believe Restoration supply has one or two door latch springs – the thick flat wire coils – but don’t know ditensions.


    I have two boxes of these spring.  Send me an exact picture and size and I will try to match one up for you


    An assortment of springs is needed, like Tony has.  The ‘clocking’ of the center straight prong and the outside prong are critical for proper function.

    Don’t buy just any spring.. they look remarkably alike until you try to install it..

    BE VERY CAREFUL with the bent tabs that are sometimes used to hold or restrain the spring itself.. they are harder to find or repair than the springs themselves..


    Greg Long




    Greg, thank you for your advice. I sent my defective spring to Tony as suggested. Thanks again, Ron

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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