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    I am disassembling the door latch mechanisms for my 1935 845 sedan prior to sending to the plater. It doesn’t appear that the door latch bolt was ever chromed. Have others looking at original parts found this to be the case?

    Thanks, Jim


    Forgot to add a picture.


    It was chromed. They mar and scratch very quickly. They are very difficult to keep “perfect” even on a 100 point car.


    Yes, Ed is correct, as usual. I did a set not awful long ago and you could see the chrome remnants on the latch. I know I’m Captain Obvious, but make sure your plater knows to do just the part that shows.

    These things are fun to take apart and put back together. Hope you took some pictures of the assembly as it came apart, it’s one of those “oh, I’ll remember” and you don’t….!!


    To be clear I am talking about the latch bolt, not the face of the frame it slides in. I was surprised when I removed the latch bolt that there isn’t a hint of any remnants of chrome or copper anywhere on this part, whereas the chrome face of the frame polished up to almost like new except for a couple of spots flaked out.

    Thanks to the miracle of no cost instant modern digital photography I took several pictures of the stages of disassembly that hopefully will be enough for reassembly.

    Yup, they are a bear to take apart particularly when thinking of how to reassemble after chroming and stay reassembled! It inevitably damages the parts. Still cogitating on that.

    Thanks, Jim

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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