Door handle lock cylinder removal

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    Sure could use some help here. The left hand door handle with the lock is non-functional. The round and square shaft inboard from the handle is brokveen off and missing. I know what the parts look light and will be able to reproduce them but I need to be able to remove the lock cylinder and related parts. the cylinder does turn with the key. My question is how do I go about disassembling. I took my Hersey lock apart to repair it and I had to drill into it to disassemble it. Do I have to complete the same operation? Any help would  be appreciated.

    Cal dyke




    I don’t know if this will help, but I just went through a similar situation with my 1933 1236.  There is only one door on the car with key access, the right front door.  While the cylinder would turn, it would not lock.  Upon disassembly the lock cylinder was found to be missing a cam.  My mechanic was able to identify the lock assembly as a Yale Jr., as was able to find an unused damaged lock set and switch out the cylinder from that lock.  Interestingly enough, the original keys for the lock set were marked “Studebaker.”  The right rear door also would not lock from the inside, while it would latch properly.  Upon disassembly it was discovered that the original lock mechanism was replaced with one probably from a touring car or roadster.  The removal of a tab on the latch mechanism allowed the lock to lock properly from the inside.  While the original keys were just marked Yale Jr. and Studebaker,  had extra copies made and the blank was marked “ILCO L1122A Y101.”  That might be helpful in identifying the specific lock.

    Good Luck, hope it helps

    Ken Muellner




    I don’t know if this helps for a door locktrunk lock cylinder, this is from my trunk lock cylinder. The trick is to get the cylinder in the right position and insert a pin to depress the keeper key to pull out the cylinder. I fiddled with this for about an hour before I took it to a local  locksmith. He fiddled with it for about 5 minutes and charged me $5.



    Thanks. That does look different than my door lock. I do not have a hole like that. there may have been one but there is no evidence of a hole.

    There must be a way to remove it. may have to take it to a locksmith.


    Door Lock

    Here’s a picture of my door lock.  The small cam behind the mounting plate was missing.  This picture is of the repaired lock, with the cam from the donor lock installed.




    Well I got it apart by default. After fiddling with the handle and lock, I was able to push the cylinder out. The retaining clip moved enough to allow it to slip out. Now may task is to fabricate the stem and related parts as they are missing. Thanks to all who replied.

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