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    Has anyone produced this decal and if so are there any available?

    If not, does someone have a source to reproduce it?


    Forgot, it is on the air cleaner off a ’35, but I think it fits earlier years.

    It is about 3 11/16 x 5/8″”


    These were reproduced years ago. Every now and then one shows up on Ebay, also search for “Pierce Bicycle”” as a similar decal was used on many bikes.

    I’m not aware of anyone who has some in stock now.”



    It is not difficult to get any Graphics or Sign Company to reproduce something like that, but they will require a minimum order of X-Number of pieces, so you will have a bunch to sell.

    You will just need to come up with the rough artwork, including colors, and they will create it for you as a decal, or whatever.



    Bill, I can produce the decal through the miracle of CAD and inkjet printing on water slide decals. At some point I will need to make them for my ’35 as well. To do it I need as good a picture dead on perpendicular as possible and a dimension to get the scale set. I can add the missing bits if I have enough to tell the patterns, but perhaps someone with one in better shape could help.Ideally it would be someone who has a loose repro decal that hasn’t been applied yet to avoid the distortion of the original attached to a curved surface.



    hi gentlemen I have what you are looking for I am listed under parts and services. mine are a mylar transfer rather than a slide off water decal. more resistant to oil and grease. been selling them long time. they are exact as the originals. everyone always happy. $12. a pair thank you larry sorcher


    I am in the roster with my 1936 1601 thanks larry


    Well that was easy. Larry check your mail, I am sending something.

    I love it when this group comes together.


    Larry how much for shipping?


    price is postpaid. we have fun thanks larry


    On another note. I always thought these air cleaners were black but this one looks bluish gray. I think it is original because of the decal.


    I have bought larry’s decals for years. They are perfect


    My 1935 Model 845 is original. The air cleaner is black. I am the second owner of the car having purchased it in 1950.



    Thanks for the input. Maybe it just faded to that bluish gray?



    Larry, thanks for doing this at a very reasonable price. My check is in the mail also.


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