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    I was able to locate and change the bulbs for my dash lights. There Is a small spring that holds them In place, It has become a real project to put the springs back on, has anyone tried something easier than to use the springs again,or Is there an easier way to put the springs back on?


    Hi Bob, Do you mean the small coil spring that is made into a circle, like a ring you wear on your finger, but not solid but made of a small diameter coil spring?

    That bulb-retaining method was popular on the Pierce Arrow car. Some headlight reflector designs use the coil spring-ring.

    I have tried using a rubber ‘O’-ring in the place of the spring, but without much success.

    Installing the retaining springs is not easy, i don’t have any suggestions other than the use of more and creative cuss-words. But they rarely help much either.

    Greg Long


    Thanks Greg, the problem was the springs that holds the lights In place. My son took a roll of nickels, put electrical tape around the roll, slid the springs on then off. It worked a lot easier than trying to do It with fingers and screw driver.



    That’s a good idea: A mandrel to roll the spring onto, keeping it stretched and ready to roll back on..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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