Custom Pierce-Arrow cars?

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    I have a 1916 48B Pierce, six, not seven, passenger, touring car. The seat width is more narrow. The coachwork has been done by Frederick R. Wood & Sons. I have a lower profile and a more narrow torpedo body, for instance, my back fenders are about twice as wide as a usual Pierce.

    But I have never seen a custom or coach-built Pierce except for the Shah.

    Is mine a rarity? Are there many other coach built Pierces?


    Notice front bumper as a Frederick R Wood  Also a side vent, that I think it was not standard on Pierce-Arrows




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    A beautiful car! Looks quite racy with very attractive styling.

    Pierce-Arrow often sold rolling chassis with hood & cowl only for customers wanting custom bodies. Their clientele could afford such luxuries. Survival of such closed cars is very rare as they were scrapped, stripped for engines, turned into trucks or stripped for parts restoring open cars. Every Pierce is ‘Rare’, but custom bodies are rarer especially in open cars. They later had LeBaron custom bodies sold through the factory and finished by LeBaron employees and sometimes in the Pierce-Arrow factory. Occasionally they would do in-house custom bodies.

    Dave Stevens

    Director at Large

    Pierce-Arrow Museum Director



    Thank you, Dave for the info.


    There is another Wood body Pierce Arrow. They are not common at all. Your car is attractive which is unusual for that coach builder……..they were very good at making boxes with wheels.


    Thanks, Ed. I have seen some of Woods other cars and they are huge, tall boxes! I think they had some trucks they also made. The back story on our car is that it was made (or rebodied) for a South California trucking magnate.


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