Coupler disks for generator to water pump.

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    I have a 1937 Pierce 8. For the third time in 25 years my couplers have failed. I have noticed that the thickness of the coupler should not be much more than 3/16 inch. ( I measured this very carefully with vernier calipers ) The total gap open to both disks being 3/8 in. I was told that the GM power steering disks would fit marvelously. They dont. They are way too thick. What to do? Help!

    I can fabricate a hard leather disk out of 10 – 13 ounce grade. That thick ness is about right per disk.


    I thought John Cislack has some of those discs.

    You might want to contact hims and see.


    I bought one for my 31 from John Cislak, I think it was around $20 or so and fit perfectly.


    I thought Bob Sands had some also

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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