Correct tools in side door tool kit for 1929 DC phaeton

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    Would someone please tell me the correct tools for the 1929 drivers side door tool kit.

    Thanks in advance. Rick



    Do you have a copy of the 1929 Pierce Arrow parts book? I believe the handbook has a tool list.The tools will have the Fairmount name on them as well as Pierce or in some cases may not have a tool maker’s name.What tools do you have now? I am in the roster and feel free to call me as I have alot of Pierce Arrow tool information.



    Thank you so much. I will check. I know i have the hammer, large and small pipe wrench. (i know they are not called that and think they are for the trucks), 1 scewdriver, a few hand wrenches.

    I know I need the pliers plus im sure other pieces. Ill check and get back to you. thank you again.



    I have a box full of extra tools, am thinning down my memorabilia collection and getting rid of duplicates. If you need something specific email me and I’ll see if they’re in the pile.

    Make sure your hinges on the driver door are in good shape! The tools add a lot of weight to the door, I have tools but left them out of the door for that reason….



    That is an awesome idea. I would never have thought about that extra weight. It makes total sense.

    thank you so much. Rick


    I will check to see what I need.

    Thank you.


    Or just add the tools for special display events or for SCCA judging–they inspect for tools, but PAS does not.


    David, or anyone. I am looking for tools and tool pouch for a 1934 Twelve P-A. Thanks, Jim


    Jim, let me know what you’re looking for. I have a bunch of extra tools I’d be willing to sell. I have some pouches but they’re staying in my collection, Karl has some repro pouches that are nice.


    David, we don’t have any of the original tools and what is correct. We don’t know. Thanks, Jim


    This is what one of the rolls looks like, there’s another style that only has one leather holder through the middle, I believe. I could probably supply 90% of the tools shown. I also have an extra K oil can, for those who know what that is, early cars I believe. I’ve decided to start getting rid of duplicate stuff in my memorabilia collection, just too much stuff.


    Here’s the listing


    Here’s what they look like.


    Thank you guys. Its great to actually lay eyes on some tools and the rolls too.


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