correct striping pattern.

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a photo of an original 29 Phaeton pinstripes? I took tons of photos but the striping was so worn I can not see them in the photos.

    I need to know when the stripe borders the rear fender and goes down to the running board, does it continue along the top of the metal strip above the running board. Or, is the stripe placed in the center or bottom of that piece of metal?

    Help??? Thanks in advance. Rick

    I have seen a few restored cars. The stripe has been placed in different places. Hoping to find an original car photo.


    Anyone know if this is an original car?


    Let this confuse you. The stripe was very thin. I striped my ’31 based on pictures and research, but I could be wrong, I’ll post pictures soon. My stripe is probably a little wider than original. The pinstriper kept doing samples, I kept saying thinner or finer, finally gave up….


    Well, shucks, think I deleted the photos of the stripe on my car.

    Hard to explain.

    I’ll try to get more pictures tomorrow.

    Basically, all raised mouldings get a stripe. Thinner the better. Will work on pictures.


    That’s a restored car, but the upper stripes appear correct. My car (restored) also has a stripe that follows moulding around rear fenders, above running boards, and bottom moulding of hood.


    The width of the stripe is known. 98% of where and how it travels along the car is known. The only mystery to me is where it is placed on the one piece of metal that runs along the running board.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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