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    Again it is the price of collector cars today that keep alot of people out plus having space to put cars.Take a look at the classified ads say from a Horseless Carriage Gazette or a CCCA Bulletin from 1960 and look at the prices then perhaps multiply that by 10 or so and you will see what I mean.You have the same thing with homes in alot of areas.The prices have out stripped the gains in income.Most organizations and not just car clubs have lost members.People are pressed for time.This topic could make for a very long discussion.


    Car Clubs will add to demographic decline if they do stupid things. The topic that started this thread was CCCA doing just that kind of stupid thing and alienating P-A Owners of 1926 to 1938 cars. Let’s not alienate anyone. We have welcomed any PAS member with any kind of car to participate at a meet, but we won’t judge it. Tour with even a Packard!

    I repeat my previous message:

    I have advised CCCA of their erroneous listing, got an apology, but no correction on subsequent printing. ALL P-A’s from 1915 to 1938 are “Full Classics””.

    This is so simple that some simpleton was required to mess it up!

    Dave Stevens


    I used to attend Grand Classics and Caravans down south, mostly in Texas. Had a grand time, this was in the 1980’s. 1990, moved to Virginia, went to a Grand Classic in Baltimore, my wife and I were treated shabbily and told one reason is because we brought a boring production car, 1938 Packard super eight 1604 convertible coupe, a 99 point car at the time.

    We then went on the Rip Van Winkle caravan, and when discussing costs one member told us “we like to keep the riff-raff out of the events”.

    Recently there was a Grand Classic in Gettysburg, so I took my 31Pierce phaeton. When the magazine came out, they made a big deal about there being only one Pierce at the meet…Gillette’s convertible sedan. I conversed with editor of magazine about error, and he basically said “oh, well”…and no correction in next issue.

    I’m still in that club but just about had it with them.


    One must keep in mind perhaps the person who tried to correct it had vision

    issues or was trying to work with what was printed.It could very well now be reworded when the 2020 roster is printed.I have been in the CCCA for many years and always somehow knew all Pierce Arrows in the years the club covers were Classics.The CCCA is picking up new members as they are listed in the publications.No one was trying to exclude 1926-1938 Pierce Arrows but yes,the wording could have been clearer.I think the changes may have caused the problem with wording.The first time I ever read a Classic Car and that was when I was a teen,I knew all Pierce Arrows were Classics and wishing I could find one in a barn in northern New Mexico.Somehow I think if we want changes in these clubs,someone needs to get on the board of the clubs and work to make positive changes.Again the collector car hobby takes money and that is going to be a limitation for many people even if they like these cars.The days of a $350 Pierce Arrow Series 80 Roadster or a $450 Packard 833 Roadster are gone.A friend really likes these cars and would love a 1941 Cadillac but he does not have spare money or the space.With no car he feels like a fish out of water.


    I contacted a member I know in CCCA whoi forwarded to Jay Quail. Here is the repsonse:

    Hi Jim and Paul,

    This an obvious oversight. In an attempt to streamline the list we combined some classes and years and it appears the 1926- 38 PA’s were omitted somehow.

    We will make the correction in print in our 2020 handbook, and I will make the correction online in the next 48 hours.

    Sorry about the omission.

    Jay Quail

    Executive Director


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