Chesapeake Region Fall Tour

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    The 2019 Fall Tour info has been updated in the Region Section. Monies are coming in, check out the flier today. It is a wonderful time of year in PA with peak Fall colors and daytime temps in the upper 60’s to low 70’s. We would love to have you join us. E-mail with any questions, Karl


    The deadline to register for this event is Tuesday October 15th, Thanks, Karl


    Fall color along the Susquehanna River! Sign up today!


    Tour day is tomorrow with over 90 members and guests signed up and 47 old cars expected! Thanks to all the PAS members who are supporting this tour. I will post a few photos this weekend so everyone else can see what they missed. Karl


    The Leaf Peepers Tour is enjoyed by all. Happy faces at the Wright House Restaurant on the Susquehanna river.


    Half of the people in the photo are Karl’s family!

    Karl and Mary did a wonderful job of arranging and orchestrating this tour. They enlisted their children and grandchildren to help with day-of logistics. They all did a fabulous job. We had a great time and our Pierce was well received by the AACA group. I just wish Karl would have done a better job with the weather and arranged to hold off the (light) rain for a few more hours for our ride home.

    Thanks Karl and Mary!



    Robert, I consider myself lucky to get three teens out of bed on a Saturday to help park cars and check in tour members to be quite a feat with only the offer of all the coffee and donuts they can eat and drink as payment. They are our future for the hobby! Oh wait, I guess we fed them lunch too. We should have tried to get them in the rumble seat of your roadster! Karl


    I will second Robert’s comments. Wonderful tour, unique collections and great scenery. What a teaser for next year’s annual meet! My hat’s off to ALL the Krouch’s. Many thanks.



    Staying warm on the Fall Tour!


    Parade Cadillac with secret service platforms


    Granddaughter Elaine at the check in desk. Note the essentials: Coffee, cell phone and peppermint patties.


    I sure wish I had had the time and energy to drive back to eastern Pennsylvania.

    Having been at Hershey for that week-long event and the 600 mile each-way drive, we were very worn out!!

    A 12+ hour drive on each side of a one day event.. was just too much for us..

    But I sure am looking forward to the Annual Meet next year in Lancaster!!


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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