Car for sale at Hyman

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    Friends of mine are interested in purchasing this car: Anyone with any information as to previous owner, etc. Please advise me on this forum. Tony




    Can he get the Serial Number? It’s not listed on Hyman’s site. With the serial number the owner history can be looked up.



    I will tell them to inquire re: serial number. Thank you David


    I was interested in the car and asked some questions last year. I have attached an image of the number plate. A fellow member informed me that it was owned in the 1980s by E Oberhaus. Hope this information is of some help.



    Edwin Oberhaus is the last listed owner, but that is before 2000. Nothing since. Prior to him, Aldrich Iverson, and prior to him, Charles Kugel (77-78). This includes a note that says that the car was last driven in a parade in 1946 and possibly was not driven between 1933 and 1946.


    Its a great car……..someone is going to be happy to have it.


    Car looks fabulous in the pictures. I’d say price is “reasonable” in the Hyman world, a lot of the cars I see offered there seem to be well overpriced, though they sell…


    Thank all of you for the help. It is the sort of assistance that we normally receive from PAS members. I have sent this info to the potential buyers (who are old time PAS members), and hopefully they will be able to purchase the car. Sounds like a nice one.


    Hi, thank you to everyone for your input. As of this morning we have agreed with Hyman to purchase the car!

    We had looked at this car in November on our way across the country and couldn’t get it out of our heads. Your input affirmed to us that it would be a good addition to our collection. We love the vernacular style of the Vestibule Suburban, and the car presented itself quite honestly. We must drop the pan before we will tour it, but hope to bring it to Lancaster if we get it sorted in time.



    I agree with everyone this looks like a Fantastic Pierce Arrow, Congratulations!



    Hi Mark, very nice car I also have a car that Edwin George Oberhaus owned mine was the feature car in his museum. After Mr. Oberhaus passed away, the car ended up with Bob King in Big Rock Ill. Dale and I went to Big Rock and Dale bought the car. When my good friend Dale passed away he gifted me the car. If you happen to find out who restored your car, I would like to know as mine has the same quality restoration and maybe they were done by the same shop. Thank you Chuck M



    Congratulations. In hope to see it in PA


    The previous owner before Dale was JIM King. He brought the car to the 2012 Annual Meet in Michigan. It is certainly a magnificent vehicle. I talked to Ed Oberhaus a couple of times, but was never able to accept his invitation to visit the collection before he passed away. Nice gentleman.


    Dave Stevens


    Yes Dave, thank you for the correction, I in correctly copied it from a paper. Chuck M


    Congratulations Mark ! It’s a beauty and rare Series 32 !

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