Canadian 35 for sale

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    Look close…………..


    Woah – !

    Rumble seat looks like they copied a 1930 two-piece, and eliminated or covered luggage tray/top well benind seats, lack of power brake pedal & suspicious lines on the differential indicates a conversion to hydraulic brakes, trunk rack & hardware are home-brew, no R/S step plates, no running board chrome strips, door jamb closure geometry is wrong, don’t see any wood trim on top of doors (just home-brew rubber flaps), don’t see ANY provision for top mechanism, 35’s did not have fake vent windows, wrong fan, wrong head nuts, wrong oil filter & lines, wrong side-mount cover, etc.

    At least is has one P-A gauge!

    The chassis number is wrong, also – should be seven digits starting with “20”” with “”9″” in the fourth digit indicating assembly in Canada.

    A “”start-over”” IMHO. Stay away unless price drops to 1/10 of asking.



    Plus it is in Spain


    Look at the fit on the passenger entrance door handle.


    looks like a reflection to me


    I like the diamond plate accelerator pedal….


    This is the latest Pierce-Arrow I’ve seen with bracket headlights. The inserts on the stop/tail light units should be fender color.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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