Can anyone Identify these spears

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    I think these are maybe off a ’35. Can anyone identify them?


    Hello Bill,

    These spears do in fact look like the spears from the hood side doors of a 1935. Do you have any additional 1935 P-A hood side trim?



    Al is correct.


    Alan, sorry that is all there is.

    Alan and Paul, thanks for the help.


    These spears are for the hood all the way through ’38. Someone was making repos, I think Irv Blonder


    Tony is right! Years ago I was able to purchase more than a few of Irv Blonder reproduction parts for use on my 1935 12 and have never felt bad about making the investments that I did! I just need to find a set of the long SS trim pieces correct for a 1935. (can anyone help)



    Alan, when I was working on my 35 coupe, I found that the stainless trim pieces on a Volkswagen station wagon (think it was called a Variant?) worked great for that hood trim pieces. Have no idea if you could get them now. Mr. Blonder fabricated the big trim pieces from my patterns, this was over 30 years, the two front pieces and six back pieces if I remember correctly. He could have them cast and chromed cheaper than I could have my originals chromed, about half the cost.


    On the Variant reference, it would have been a 1960’s or 70’s Variant that had the correct trim piece.



    How wide are the pieces you are looking for?

    Max Merritt manufactures long trim pieces, but they may be too wide.


    Call Cislak, he had a set of trim at Hershey in the past year or two.


    Ed, I will give Cislak a call and see if he has anything. I checked on the suggestion offered by Dave C. I think that any type 3 VW side trim may be workable, notchback, fastback and squareback. All the trim looks the same to me as well as the body configuration.




    If all else fails, I fabricated a piece that was like a hockey stick out of 1/2 round material. You can get aluminium, brass and stainless.


    Restoration Supply Company has 1/4 and 1/2 round on page 28 of their online catalogue


    Hello Bill, I will check out the Restoration Supply source also.



    Here are measurements I took off the spears I was lucky to swap for my ’35.


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