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    If you have been yearning for a brass 66HP or perhaps a 1911 48HP

    Limo in original shape, March 7 at Amelia Island, Bonham is auctioning

    off Don Boulton’s estate. A Mercer Raceabout, a Pope Hartford Portola

    Roadster, a Stutz Bearcat, a Knox, and a rare’07 Austin are up for sale.

    Besides a Simplex Speed Car, there’s about 20 more. Ever heard of an

    overhead cam Tincher? The cars start on the 24th page of the lots so

    it’s best to start from the end of the lots. Check out the estimates

    and wonder how they can be so high as so many experts like to speculate

    that shortly, brass lovers will be an endangered species.


    Those “experts” are victims of a form of psychological transference. Their thought process is that “I don’t have any interest in brass cars, so nobody has any interest in brass cars”. I believe the current theme of “no one wants an old car anymore” is being driven by this thinking.

    Big brass will bring big dollars. Though there are a lot of big collections out there owned by older people, and more and more early cars will come on the market, there is still a base of people who want brass cars.

    I remember when the Harrah’s auctions were supposed to affect the entire old car market, that many cars sold at once would surely lower prices. Not only were record prices for the time paid, but the cars were swallowed up in the collector car community easily.

    There are some great cars coming out of the Boulton collection, go get ’em guys!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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