Bought a 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840 A

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    New Member here and I just bought a 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840 A body and rolling chassis from the Abelove auction in Utica NY.  I Know it is not the most valuable model that was made but the body and frame are super solid so it is worth a shot.  I am not sure what the plans are for the car yet as a restoration would surpass the value of the car multiple times. What ever the plans I would like to keep the interior and exterior authentic to the original design.

    I have a 56 Packard  that I resurrected out of a barn two years ago so this is not my first rodeo and this will not become a “street rod”.

    Long story short,  I will be looking for some parts in the coming years and may see some of you at Hershey!





    I put an interior in an 840 not long ago, coincidently it belonged to Louis Abelove, Esq.  I have pictures of the process and the end result if that helps you any, just shoot me an email  when you get there.


    I think I am in the final innings of a now 8 year restoration of a 1935 845 which is nearly the same car as 1934 840. I’m afraid I will have very few useable parts after the dust settles but lots of pictures and some experience. Many on the message board have much more Pierce experience and can help. David C. has been a big help to me. Parts and funds to buy them will be a major problem of course, significantly more challenging and expensive than ’50’s Packards.

    No shop manuals, but one of the greatest assets of the PAS is 50 years of Service Bullitens that are now key word searchable and downloadable on the website.

    The ’34-35 parts manual is sometimes useful and worthwhile but limited utility for interchange.

    Good luck!


    Hey Chuck , My uncle purchased a 1934 840 A IN 1978. He at that time had a auto body restoration shop. I was 17 at the time and I worked for him stating at 11 years of age. We restored his 840A in that year and it has been in the family ever since. He is now 86 years young still working on restorations in his garage and I am 62 years young and have been the proud owner of this 1934 840A  for the past five years. It was restored only once and still shines ever since! Inside and out. Kevin Miller. Columbus, Ohio

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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