Bendix Vacuum Cylinder Oil

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    Good news for all Pierces with B-K power brakes! I have finally identified a correct modern lube for our vacuum power cylinders. I recently obtained an unopened quart can of OEM Bendix oil. I had a local industrial chemistry lab analysis done and have found a Chevron product that matches. It is not available in containers smaller than a 5-gallon pail, so I have some to share.

    Even better, Liz Horne did the artwork for an exact reproduction label to put on one-pint cans and Merlin Smith will market them with all proceeds going to the Pierce-Arrow Museum (as noted in Vol 2, Issue 2 of the Museum Newsletter).

    Look for an ad soon in the Emporium for availability.


    Would this also be the best stuff for vacuum windshield wipers?



    No, wipers need grease. I suggest you contact Kent Jaquith at 541-923-4319. He is listed in the Parts and Services Directory.


    I must recommend Kent Jaquith so highly for wiper information and repair.

    He does great work, he’s like a lot of craftsmen, growing older but still at it.

    He did 3 wipers for me and the work was great…


    My fundraiser project is now complete and the Vacuum Cylinder Oil for 1936-38 Pierce-Arrow Bragg-Kliesrath brakes will be available at the Pierce-Arrow Society and Museum tent at Hershey. Merlin Smith will also have it at upcoming P-A events – the Winter Meet and Next year’s annual meet.

    Since oil is flammable it must be ground-only delivered and shipping costs about $14.00 for a one pint can, so buying it in person will be preferable. The reproduction can (as above) with 12 ozs of oil will retail for $25.00 and all proceeds will go to the Museum. Contact Merlin if you must have one shipped.

    Each can comes with complete instructions for injecting the oil into the vacuum cylinder.




    Filling a need and helping the Museum. What a great combination.



    Dave, you are welcome.

    It’s a pleasure to help out.


    Bob, I have owned my car 51 years. I have always placed oil in the vacuum thingy on the firewall, and it seemed to find the brake system and work. Has anyone else done it this way? I don’t think I have done it more than three times over the years


    Vacuum thingy…………Wow, my one of my Pierce Arrow mentors knows the technical name of a firewall part. I have no idea of its correct nomenclature. I have always used neatsfoot oil. Do you have any idea how hard it is to catch a neat and get it to give you oil………?


    Bob, I will get a can at the Hershey tent. Thanks for the project!



    You have kept the check valve lubricated, but not the power cylinder. It is not possible for oil to get to the cylinder from the check valve. Buy a can at Hershey and refer to the instruction sheet.



    The TRICO Visionall wipers, if that is what you are writing about, Do Not use Grease for lubrication.

    You need light weight oil, like 10W or 3-in-One oil.

    The 3-in-One is the easiest to install.

    I believe that I posted this on a previous PAS M-B entry.

    If you have specific questions, send me an email.

    If that is not what you are questioning, then I DK.




    The TRICO Visionall winter era run off of the vacuum tank, so if that is what you are asking about, then my response above is correct.

    If you are asking about electric wipers, I DK.



    Bob: Please save me a can. Thank you



    Great job on the Emporium ad!

    For all; you can read the backstory of the oil in this thread.

    Happy motoring,


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