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    stuped me i bid on one of thous pierce cars and now regretting doing so i can’t seem to find a career out there that will call me back any suggestions help!!


    Eric – call Pat Craig: 209-483-9728……he was closely involved in the whole affair and may have some suggestions.


    Anybody who’s depressed about a downward trend in the car hobby future

    should feast your eyes on the results of Jeff Harper’s Auction. The items

    were what was left after most of the valuable articles had left the premises.

    The lots were well displayed and honestly represented. The final price

    included 15% to the auction house and sales tax was extracted. When I first

    looked at the offerings, I wondered if they would recoup enough to pay

    for their efforts. I think the prices were enough to make a wholesaler cry.


    From my experiences at swap meets,I think there are more brass lights and other such items out there than cars to put them on.The 1913 Pierce Arrow project appeared to have a quite good bid considering the work and cost involved to build it back into a complete car.When I view some of results at the Arizona auctions I believe the hobby is just fine but I do believe people tend to shy away from projects.


    Larry’s Auto Transport at Grants Pass, Oregon is a broker for car haulers. Contact: Larry’s Auto Transport

    Work: 541-474-3508

    Cell: 541 840-0045



    Mrs. Harper told me today that lots were sold to 17 different states and 3

    foreign countries.



    The fact that someone would pay close to $40K, then 15%, then 7.5% tax, for

    an Alco missing most of it’s engine and requiring a small fortune and years

    of restoration…..tells me that car collectors are more optimistic than


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