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    Wow Roger!

    The Arrow centerfold debut is awesome. More to follow I hope. I will frame this one.




    I am a fan of the centerfold photos also. BUT…my personal favorite was way back in ARROW Series 12 – Model 1. Sandy, our yellow lab also prefers that one as well!

    Keep them coming Roger.



    This kind of brings up a question I have. Last Friday, I took my Pierce to it’s first local car show, in nearby Park Ridge, IL. I was wedged in between a 1970s Buick Grand National, and some sort of hopped up Corvette. Needless to say, the Pierce really made an impression and the organizers asked me to return to their monthly shows. What I was really happy to see was the interest from young people in the Pierce, and I was asked all kinds of questions about the history of the car and company. Would it be possible to make a little trifold flyer about the history of Pierce, and mentioning the museum, that we could hand out at these local shows? The kids like superlatives, so I would mention the Model 66 with the largest engine in a passenger car, and I mention how Ab Jenkins set all kinds of world records with a car with the same chassis as mine. I’d be happy to buy a case or two to hand out at local shows, or even to neighbors when they stop by to chat when waxing the car. Any thoughts? I think it would be a great idea to increase interest in Pierce Arrows.


    This issue is superb! Congratulations to Roger Sherman and to the contributing photographers and writers. Bob K, I hope you’re bringing your magnificent 1937 to Rohnert Park next month!


    It’s headed to the PAS Meet in July and then on to Pebble Beach Concours in August.


    Bob, double congratulations! You have spent many years researching and getting every last detail right, and it’s time you were rewarded for your spectacular efforts!


    Thank you for your kind words. I owe a great debt to the many PAS folks who have helped me along the way. I try to share what I’ve found out with others in the PASB, to ease their path.


    I’m one of the beneficiaries of Bob’s going out of his way to help owners to

    keep their cars on the road. His magnificent restorations and broad knowledge

    are goals we can all strive for.

    Tony Costa


    Ken Muellner,

    We actually have such a piece that give a little history including an application for PAS Membership.

    I will send you a batch of our tri-fold brochures to keep in your glove box.

    Please let me know if anyone else would like some to distribute.

    Dave Stevens


    Bob, Well deserved congratulations. See you soon!

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