Anyone know of a Pierce out of Pennsylvania resurrected 50’s/60’s?

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    Would anyone have any idea about what car is being discussed in this missive?  Car found partly in a barn in Pennsylvania, partly in the weeks, bought at Hershey but not sure when bought?  This from Jeff at Restoration Specialties in Windber:

    Just a quick story

    Of the Pierce Arrow  that was in the lower section of the barn

    The cowl section and parts of the body were inside

    I have no idea what year or model

    dad bought this car back in the late 1950”s for $30.00 he told me

    But the scrap looking non rolling rusty frame was outside with trees growing around and through it

    One day at Hershey he told some one about the car and they wanted to come look at it

    So I got out the tractor and chain saw  and got the frame out to be able to get close enough

    It was a warm fall day when they came to look what was left of it

    And there were not spark plugs in the Head   but a garter snake in each of the cylinder holes with their heads out sunning them selves

    They bought what was there and took it away

    From what I was told many years later is the car was was being  restored in Florida

    If anyone know about this car I would love to see what it actually looks like today

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