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    We are updating the Parts & Services Directory for the website upgrade. Chris Diekmann has done a great job in refreshing the information. There are a lot of listings that are no longer in business. If you can offer some suggestions for these missing services and supplies, please reply with:

    Business Name

    Contact info or website

    We are currently in need of help on these listings:

    Electrical – Distributor – Ignition components

    Electrical – Distributor – Ignition points

    Engine Parts – Spark plugs (NOS)

    Dash Instruments – Instrument faces

    Wheels, Rims, etc. – Wood wheels, repair & new

    Upholstery Supplies – Upholstery trim fasteners

    Chassis – Webbing material

    Paint – Running gear

    Upholstery Supplies – Upholstery trim fasteners

    Radiator & Cooling – Radiator repair

    Fabrication – Parts fabrication

    Electrical – Starter and generator parts

    Radiator & Cooling – Radiator repair

    Horn & Lights – Headlight lenses

    Glass – Window/Windshield

    Horn & Lights – Horn Repair

    Horn & Lights – Headlight lenses

    Wheels, Rims, etc. – Wood wheels, repair

    Mascots – Archers

    Upholstery Supplies – Carpeting

    Upholstery Supplies – Leather

    Upholstery Supplies – Upholstery Material



    For electrical parts (though not Pierce specific):

    The Brillman Company 2328 Pepper Road Mt. Jackson Va 22842


    For top hardware, including specialty fasteners, mainly earlier tops:

    Antique Auto Top Hardware Company, 30688 S. Marian St. Molalla Or 97038


    For specialty zippers for tops:

    Custom Zips 203-8661540

    P.O. Box 1200 South Norwalk Connecticut

    For leather, I’ve been using the following company, they only sell wholesale but I was able to get my name on the list, if anyone needs help buying leather I’ll be glad to assist:

    Coast to Coast Leather

    two locations, NJ and NC; 732-5258877 is NJ office

    1 Crossman Road Sayreville NJ

    It’s a shame, I have two local businesses, small shops, but they don’t do stuff through the mail. One is an old time radiator shop, repairs radiators and gas tanks and does a great job. Another is a one-man shop which repairs old starters and generators, as good as it gets and very reasonable, the last starter and generator I brought him were off my ’38 Packard Super 8, complete rebuild of both a little over $200. I’d be glad to be the middle man if anyone wants either service.


    David is right, both of these guys are top shelf, and very old school. If you don’t have anyone local, take David up on his offer.


    Have some Brillman parts in my car and they work fine.


    Thanks David! Will add them to the list.

    Anyone else that has something to pass along on these or other suppliers, now is the time!!!

    Let’s help each other!

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    For radiator repair I can recommend:

    Elburn Radiator and Repair

    1 South First Street, P.O. Box 928

    Elburn, IL 60119

    Bert Veldhuizen, Owner


    I met Bert through the late Scott Stastny, and he cleaned tested and painted the radiator in my 1933. He has a very up to date shop, and seems to have quite a reputation in the antique car field. When I came to pick up my radiator, he showed me a Rickenbacker radiator he was rebuilding for a customer. He’s also involved with the local Studebaker Club in the Chicago area.


    Upholstery Material: I think Bill Hirsch is still the place for wool broadcloth upholstery material (LeBaron Bonney is gone).

    Upholstery supplies- trim fasteners

    Restoration Specialties, restoration (+window channel and weatherstrip):

    Restoration Supply (+fittings, hardware, electrical)

    If there isn’t a category for this, I would consider adding one for McMaster Carr for general materials and tools for fabrication and repair. They are the go to place for samll orders of a wide range of metals, such as sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, fasteners, etc.

    Instruments: K-S hydrostatic gas gauge fluid: Macs Auto Parts (Ford supplier)

    I understand (second hand) that Classic and Exotic is in the process of closing its doors.

    Upholstery supplies – seat springs: Snyders Ford parts advertise they will make custom seat springs to order (they have been making Ford springs for years). I did not use them personally, as they do not fabricate Marshall coil seat spring units as used in ’30’s Pierce, but if you have nothing they are a possibility.

    I obtained standardized Marshall coil spring units from, but they require a lot of modifications to adapt them and may not rise to the level of including them as a source. They are a good source for general upholstery supplies such as hog rings.



    Thanks James! I will get these organized and added!


    Hi Liz , for wood spoke wheels.

    Stutzman’s in Cadiz Ohio. I don’t have address or phone numbers..

    This is an Amish business, so no website..

    Greg Long


    I understand that Classic & Exotic is being taken over by a former employee (Tim), and is now called Straight Eight.


    Bob is correct on Straight Eight, I do a fair amount of business with them, none better.


    Stutzman Wheel Shop

    Noah Stutzman

    phone: 330-897-1391


    33656 County Rd. 12

    Baltic, OH 43804

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