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    Hello to those coming to the 2019 Annual Meet in Angola Indiana.

    We have several large parking lots ‘owned’ by the Meet for this week. There is a LOT of parking area for roughly 80=100 pickup truck and enclosed trailer parking rigs.

    BUT this can easily be reduced to only enough room for 20 truck-trailer rigs by not parking in an orderly, efficient manner.

    Here is what each truck-trailer rig should do; When entering the Pokagon Park, you will stop at the Guard House, tell the Ranger/Guard ‘Pierce Arrow Society meet’. You will then be cleared into the park..

    In a few hundred yards you will see the Potawatomi Inn on a rise to the left. There will be a large open, paved parking area to the left.. THIS IS NOT ‘OUR” area for Pierce Arrow cars. This is for Modern cars.

    The first turn off the park roadway will take you into this ‘modern-car’ parking lot.. it is also the exit from

    the turnaround at the Potawatomi Inn’s front entrance.

    IF you have a lot of luggage to unload, take the SECOND turn to the left, off the main park road, This turn will take you up to the Potawatomi Inn’s entrance, the registration desk and our PAS Registration desks.

    At the top of the rise, there will be a left turn available PRIOR to the circle at the Inn’s doorway.

    With a truck-trailer rig, you want to turn left prior to the circle, this points you toward the exit and is a spot the stop for 10 minutes or so, to unload luggage an take it into the lobby.

    THEN move you truck-trailer rig down the exit road back to the main park road, Turn Left again then proceed PAST the previous luggage-unloading entrance roadway,

    There will be a slight rise in the Park road then a large tree-covered parking lot will be on the left,,

    THIS LOT IS ‘OUR” LOT for PIERCE ARROW CARS. WE will use the front half of this lot for temporary truck-trailer UNLOADING of Pierce Arrow cars.. There is room for FOUR truck-trailer rigs to park side by side, 4-abreast, park and drop you trailer’s ramp, unload your car, and any remaining luggage.

    Drive your Pierce Arrow car to the designated Pierce Arrow parking areas.

    Then close up the trailer, and pull ahead, exiting the unloading lot, and again turn LEFT onto the park road. About 1/4 mile at the top of the road will be a very large parking area for the Toboggan Run. FOLLOW the PARKING SIGNS. This lot will be for our truck and Trailer rigs during the week.

    The Toboggan Run parking directions are: drive past the parking area to the end of the lot, THEN turn left to enter the parking lot, drive to the back of the lot, then turn left, and back-track to the beginning of the parking lot. TURN LEFT, pointing the truck-trailer rig at the Park Road, Stop with your front bumper at the edge of the lot, right at the park road.

    In essence, you will make a left ‘U’-turn then again turn left as if exiting the lot, but stop short of the road.

    A long-wheelbase pickup truck with 24′ or 28′ trailer will have room to drop their tailgate, and unload their car if this is where they would like to unload, or to use their trailer as a parking garage during the meet.

    There will be a sign with clear directions at the parking lot. If these directions are followed, there will be more than enough room for over 50 truck-trailer rigs. PLEASE FOLLOW THE PARKING DIRECTIONS.

    Deciding to deviate from this parking pattern can and will significantly reduce the available parking area.

    There will be signs at all the above mentioned road entrances and posted directions as well as PAS members offering verbal directions and guidance.

    For specific variations to the above directions please contact me.

    Greg Long: 248-390-5975

    or Dave White. 707-499-0461

    or Ken Sockrider. 248-807-8113

    Thank you, Looking forward to seeing everyone this week !!

    Greg Long 2019 Meet Chairman

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