Annual Meet in NE Indiana !!

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    Hi everyone.

    The reason for a ‘deadline’ for sending in your reservation is that your name, and your car need to go into the program book or Tour book. It takes several weeks to get a 48 page book printed, bound and shipped.

    We have reconciled the room reservations with the actual PAS registrations received; the result: 20 of the 90 couples have not sent in their reservation form, so we know you are coming, with a guest or spouse and family with or without a Pierce Arrow etc.

    Please send in your reservation forms ASAP !! The printing of the tour book/program is being held up !


    OK, it’s ten days past the deadline for sending in your registration form.

    I’m going to have to print the tour book and program without 15 people and their cars being recognized and listed in the tour book and program..

    If I delay any longer, the printing costs go up, and the free shipping of the heavy books goes away,

    Snail mail no longer will work, Please fill out a registration form, scan it, or photograph it, and send the scan or photo via EMAIL. The registration information has to be date-entered before Monday..

    Thank you

    Greg Long.


    Another item that has come up: Somehow an email address was entered in the Annual Meet announcement ad. There is no address or link to me for any info on the meet.

    All other ads or fliers have my personal email listed;

    Greg Long

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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