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    Well, I was all set to go to annual meet, and some personal issues have come up which will keep me at home.

    I know that the meet that Greg and Ken (and others) have worked on so hard will be a great one, and I regret I won’t be there.

    I had a pile of Pierce memorabilia and parts that I was bringing to sell at the flea market, next week after the meet is over I’ll place them on the Emporium.

    Y’all have a great time! David C.


    David, now who am I going to ride with? My car isn’t finished yet, so I had to go modern.


    Hopefully you find a good ride! Have fun….



    If you don’t come, whose going to rescue me when I run out of gas? Looks like I’m going to have to invest in a gas can. We will miss you.

    Tom Barrett


    Driving over today from Akron Ohio have 2 empty seats I will come pick you up Kenneth


    Yes, Tom, good investment! Glad to help, not the first time I’ve seen a fellow tourer pull over and use the can out of my trunk!

    It’s one advantage of having a gas gauge that doesn’t work, you always have extra gas handy.

    Sure am going to miss seeing everybody but my decision is, unfortunately, the smart one for the current situation.

    Getting older reminds me of the answer I used as an engineer when my boss would ask if a project was running behind schedule. “We seem to be experiencing an interesting sequence of developmental challenges……”””


    Greetings from Indiana. Sorry you’re unable to be here.


    Thanks for picture. I’m there in spirit, though I realize that’s not as much fun for anybody. Y’all have fun!


    That is a great picture.

    Thanks for posting.


    Thanks Eric! I wound up hitching a ride with Dave Kirschenbaum last night at the Welcoming Party. Let’s see what happens Friday. Thursday is bus day.


    Missing your presence; it’s a nice meet.


    Thanks, Randy, looks like a great meet from pictures I’ve seen. Damn, wish I were there, but Mother Nature thought otherwise.

    My best to all, miss you guys and gals…..

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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