All of Dave Harris Cars are being Sold @ Auction

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    Here’s a link to the auction that is selling Dave Harris P-A’s and some of his other brand X cars. Date is Oct. 18-19



    This link will get you to the auction website.

    The link above was missing the www.



    Thanks Peter for the proper link.



    Just talked with the fellow getting all of Dave’s cars to the auction.

    He says they are being sold….NO RESERVE… Dave’s daughters do not want the cars.

    This may be someone’s chance to get into the hobby without too much expense…..??


    Dave’s ’22 Pierce would be a great one to own.

    He had some very nice cars and did a tremendous amount of work for the PAS and the old car hobby in general.

    He will be sorely missed.


    The ’22 is a terrific car which I was privileged to own from 2005 to 2015. We toured it at 7 PAS national meets, 6 or 7 Modoc Tours, and at least 1 Gilmore Gathering. It has all the fussy little touring spare parts like points, rotors, caps, coils, etc. that are always helpful and reassuring to take along for the ride. The “Featured Articles”” section on this website has an article about it I wrote back in 2006 when I was just getting it going. I’ll be happy to discuss our ownership time with any interested parties and encourage interested bidders. I hope the car stays in the PAS.”


    I read the small print and it said that you have 24 hours to remove the car

    after purchase. It kind of makes it rough unless you attend with quick access

    to a trailer.



    I think there are PAS people in MN who can get and store the car till you transport it.

    That detail can be arranged. Put your people on it…….



    There should be no problem getting a group rate.

    Be careful of your CBD as the most common form of treatment these days is daily CBD’s


    I can probably pick up and store a car for somebody for expenses only. I have a shop in Robbinsdale, MN where I can store it a week or two.

    Bjorn Anderson


    Thats very generous Bjorn. Thanks


    The auction house was made aware of the time that the cars have to be removed. It was some incorrect legal mumbo jumbo. It has been corrected. You have up to 5 days to remove the cars, but if it takes longer they are more than willing to work with the new owner. Just contact the auction house and let them know. Hope this helps.

    ps. nice meeting you Bjorn at the Lincoln get together Sunday in Long Lake. You have a very nice P-A too enjoy for years!!!! Jim


    Thank you Jim. Cheers. I hope somebody here gets these cars.


    I wish I had a car barn and more $ to spend !


    Does anyone know anything about the ’30 model C Coupe?

    The Auction description is meager at best..

    It states: Runs and drives..

    There is very little to go on regarding condition, spare parts etc..

    And the car is not listed in the PAS Roster.

    But the photo of the engine shows no exhaust pipe.. So it would be a very ‘loud’ driver!!

    I wonder what else is missing and unknown?



    Both Pierces were sold at the auction. Does anyone know the results? They are not on the website of SG auction.

    Thank you!



    I was there and I wrote down 23k for the 30 and 59k for the 22.


    Okay, thank you Bjorn!



    I ended up buying the 1930 Leatherback and will be shipped in a few weeks.

    Does anybody have more information on this car?

    Thank you.




    What are the engine and body numbers?

    I’ll look them up for you, if you wish.


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