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    I am just starting to look for an air filter for my 29 133 i would like to have a factory filter and housing but does anybody know of a part number of a k&n filter that will fit the carburetor and clear the linkages?

    Thank you



    1929 used a straight velocity stack with a baloney cut. You can buy a K&N off the shelf and slide it on the choke horn.


    Will the diecast choke horn safely support a filter assembly ? Or perhaps a support bracket could be added. But then………after all these years of no filter, why bother now ? The horse is long gone.


    The later Series 133-143 cars were equipped with a mesh type filter possibly made by Air Maze.My September 1929 133 Roadster is so equipped.The velocity stack was on the early cars.



    Attached is the picture of a K&K air filter on my ’29. I slipped a SS tube in the air horn and attached the filter to the tube. It just fits with out touching anything.

    I don’t remember the number of the filter, but I could look it up if you would like me to


    Calvin i got the Email too but been busy today. i would like to have the number of that filter.



    Looks like it works good, be careful the filter doesn’t over stress the pot metal air horn, or it could fail. Maybe some additional support on the far end. New cast aluminum air horns are manufactured but that are pricey.



    The K&N filter number is RC-9340. They can be purchased at any automotive place, Amazon or from K & N directly.The flange is offset 1.5 inches so that you can rotate the filter for maximum clearance.It weighs less than 11 oz. So there is no fear of breaking the air horn.

    Hope this works for you.



    Sorry the picture is upside down again, Try this

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