Again, Fresh thread, front rubber floor mats for 1929-1930-1931 cars

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    OK, I’ve finally found someone willing to make these mats, although price higher than I’d like. Following is text that should be in upcoming mailed Emporium:

    “I am working on a project to have a run of front floor mats made for open cars, based on my original 1931 Model 43 phaeton rubber mat with Pierce logo. Finally found a vendor willing to tackle the project. These will be made to be as close a match as possible to original. Will be made with slightly larger smooth outer edge so that you could trim to fit if you car is larger. I can send you a dimensional drawing of mat to be made if you call 540-5332885 or email me at Final cost will be somewhere between $800 and $900 per mat, depending on number of orders, need a minimum of 10 orders to get in that price range. Would be made this winter, and I will be asking for a deposit, but right now I just need to know level of interest at that price point. Please advise me if you would like to purchase one of these mats. Thanks”



    I will double check your template on my 1929 Roadster this weekend and get back to you this next week.My thoughts are they are very close but let me check.It is a bit of a squeeze due to some shelves but will do my best.At this point I feel I will want one of the new ones.


    Ok, thanks! I have others who expressed interest in the past, need to know if still interested at this price point.



    I might also try to do some measurements just to be sure as well as use the template.Have other 1929 owners contacted you?


    No, need to verify it will fit 29-30. Thanks dc



    I enlarged your photo and the shape and size looked the same as the floor area in my 1929.Since there seems to be no question of the mats fitting 1929-1930-1931,I will definitely want one.How many people want one and when do you want a deposit? It might be wise to make a few extras.Can this firm that will do the mats do other parts made of rubber.I would like to see if the correct horn bulbs for the Series 1 through Series 5 Pierce Arrows could be reproduced.These are the Pierce Arrows that had the Tally O bulb horns.


    David……I have a 1930 Series A in the garage right now. It has mat in it, but can’t be removed because it’s fragile, can you send me a paper template so I can place it in the car and check for fit? Thanks, Ed


    Yes, Ed, I have a master template full size, and will make a copy for you.

    The firm I’m talking to now is the one in Canada that does running board mats. I don’t believe he does any molding of rubber. The mats are made of separate pieces, put together on a backing mat, and then coated with a thin material to make it one piece.

    William, with you, I now have 4 “firm” commitments at that price point. I won’t need a deposit until early fall, I believe, as mentioned the fellow is telling me it’ll be this winter before he can start on it.

    My hope was to make some extras, but we’ll see how it works out.


    Whoops, should have checked my email before responding, now have 5 commitments! thanks dc


    I’m at 50/50 if it will work on my Series 42 Sport.


    Ed, I’ll send you the template, that will be an interesting thing to see. The plan is to make it slightly larger around the perimeter, about 1 inch all the way around, in the smooth area to see if that fits the larger cars. I’ll get the template on the way to you Monday. thanks David C.


    I am in, David, for the ’29 Club Brougham.


    Ok, Bob. Question for members, do closed cars get rubber floor mats in front? Never thought about it….


    David, I have looked in the 1929 and 1930 parts book and there is no mention of use for the mat. I was looking for a final answer for my 1930 Model B Conv. Coupe. I look at it as an open car, needs a mat, but it has windows so a closed car? I then went to period photos and conclude it should have a mat, so add one more to your count. I would not think the 29 club Brougham would see a mat. Karl


    The club brougham has original upholstery, and has a brown/taupe carpet in the rear that appears original. It has what is clearly ’70’s vinyl loop carpet of a similar color for the front, so that is no help. There is no evidence of rubber pieces anywhere in the front or under the seat.


    The question is, would we get busted for having a rubber mat in lieu of carpet? I special ordered a mat for my 2000 F250 Lariat, which has turned out to be a very wise choice, as we can scrub it down and spray it out if necessary during the muddy part of building a house. Still looks decent after 250K miles. With a lot of original paint and upholstery, I would think the Pierce could be an HPOF candidate. Would this cause the car to lose points?


    As I recall the front floormat is shown in the very detailed 1929 133-143 parts book under its own part number and I do not recall a parts book listing for a different mat for closed cars.Not long after I got my Roadster I did write Otto Klausmeyer about the mats as I had seen old photos of the cars with rubber mats.I do recall his mentioning carpet was a dealer option and I believe this letter made into the PAS service bulletins.My car got a new interior when in Arthur Rippey’s collection in Denver.Even though the car has only 24000 miles and was stored inside in a mountain village for decades,the natural rubber used in the matting would break down and when removed would just crumble.It is my opinion all of the 1929’s came from the factory with the rubber mat in front and many cars when redone got carpet in front because there was no attractive alternative.


    Perhaps the limousines would have rubber in front? Just speculation…


    Again I believe all had a front rubber mat.The parts book just gave one number for the mat.Some custom bodies could have been different.My copy of the 1930 parts book is a much smaller book than that for the 1929’s and there is no listing for a mat that I could find.I am just very thankful that the proper front floormat will become available.


    Just for information, I now have confirmation the mat will fit a 1930 Model B phaeton.

    Thanks, Karl, you’re on the list!

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