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    Hi Pierce Bike Members,

    Does anyone have experience with bike stands that work well on the show field and at the house for the old Pierce Bicycles?

    Thanks for any suggestions.




    The best stands are original, turn of the century (TOC circa 1900), stands.  These occasionally come up for sale but are rarer than the bikes and sell quickly. There are lots of different variations of those.

    I use a fairly inexpensive stand for my bikes, not fancy but works. For some reason only place I seem to find them is the UK.

    Bicycle Floor Rack Parking Holder Display Stand F for Bike MTB Oxford 5030009325779 | eBay


    Thanks, I will go there to get the stands.



    Note that you asked for a “good” bicycle stand.

    The one’s I recommended are “good”, but not great.  I’m sure there are some great stands out there, I just prefer not to spend big bucks on them, since I’m broke after buying the bikes themselves!

    I have an Angola Pierce women’s bike for sale, if anyone’s interested, it’s in the Emporium and I’m negotiable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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