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    Hi all,

    In the assembly process of my 29′ DC phaeton, a few small parts have come up missing. Does anyone have:

    1. The small chrome oval piece that attaches to the hood by the hand laches?

    2. The small running light that mounts on either side of the radiator?

    Thanks, Rick




    John Cislak had a pair of the lights listed on eBay a while back. You might try calling him, he’s got several ads in the emporium to find the phone number.


    1929 had two styles of headlight and parking light lenses. Do you need glass as well? If so, you will need to figure out which headlight lenses you have. The glass can be very difficult to locate…….either in parking lights or headlights.


    The photos I have seen of this 1929 Pierce Arrow 133 Phaeton show it to have the headlamp and auxiliary headlamp design as those on my 133 Roadster which is close to the serial number of the Phaeton.The headlamps have the McKeelite lenses and the smaller lamps use a smaller version of this lens.The prisms are vertical.The lighting design was changed late in the 1929 run to double dipping headlights using the Twolight lens and I believe a matching auxiliary light lens.


    On the oval pieces, if all else fails and you have a pattern, then they could be laser/waterjet cut out of stainless and polished or steel/brass and then plated. I do not recommend aluminum


    Bill, do you have some experience with small job tiny quantity laser cutting, particularly cost? I have cogitated on making some new instrument parts and thought about getting them cut out via a CAD design file.




    I have extensive experience in heavy oxy fuel and laser cut hi volume (10,000 Pc)

    but not with the smaller waterjet/laser. That being said, I think the edge on the waterjet is better than the laser and since there is minimal heat for distortion I think it works better on lighter parts. Also, the laser has a tendency to bevel the edge.

    I can noodle around and try to get an idea of cost, but the key variable is material and thickness. Time is time but if you can get multiple parts of the same thickness/material then you can minimize the cost. I got a set of the levers for EE-3 some guy had cut out of stainless. There were like 5 parts and he made 20 sets so there is 100 parts

    Since you are providing a CAD file you can do it over email.


    All I need is the bucket. I have the glass and the ring.



    post a photo of the oval ring, with a measuring tape next to it for size reference,

    And do the same with either the parking light rim, or reflector, or similar.

    The diameter of the parking lights changed several times over the years and mine are all in one box.

    I might have what you need..

    IF your thank you message to Karl means that you have ALL the parts requested, please post that info here, so we won’t be digging around for parts that have already been ‘found’..

    Greg Long



    I have found all the parts with Karl. However, your comment about sizes of the buckets changed over the years, I might be back begging to you. lolo The oval is taken care of.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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