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                                                                   63rd ANNUAL PIERCE-ARROW SOCIETY MEET

                                                                                       June 8th-12th in Lancaster, PA

                                                                                   “WE’LL HAVE MORE FUN IN 2021”

    REGISTER NOW! Early Registration deadline is just under five months away.

    Saturday May 1st, 2021 is the deadline for early Meet registration.

    Our host hotel room block deadline is May 6th, 2021.

    The 20/21 Meet committee continues to work hard this Winter to bring the 63rd Annual Meet to Pennsylvania. The many driving tours and venues await the end of lockdowns by the Gov. of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolfe. We have chosen all two-lane roads for three days of touring central Pennsylvania.

    The online registration is open, and our host hotel is booking rooms. Use the easy on-line links in the PAS Event and Announcement section.

    Question on the Meet?

    Contact Karl Krouch Sr.

    20/21 Meet Chairman

    Cell # 717-576-7241 e-mail:  krouchs@msn.com


    30 model B

    “We’ll have more fun in 2021”  Join us in Lancaster June 2021


    Register now for the 63rd Annual Meet. The early bird tour to the America Treasure Tour will fill up fast, Karl


    On Friday, we will learn who lived in the shoe, in the little town of Hellam. Did I mention it’s our first stop where we will find fresh coffee and donuts?


    The 63rd Annual Meet is just 120 days away from today. Do you have a room? Get them now! You have just under 90 days to register for our Meet.

    Friday’s lunch stop along the Susquehanna River, in Wrightsville, PA.


    It’s going to be Sweet Hershey 20/21 Meet 


    Are you coming to Lancaster? 

    Hershey 2021 Online Meet Hotel Registration is open, call them at 717-464-2711 use PAS group block, or use the on-line link in the PAS Events drop down under member pages. They need your credit card, but do not bill your the first night. Support the Meet and book your rooms now.

    “At our age, we cannot cancel another year of our lives.” We’ll have more fun in 2021



    The  63rd Annual Meet is just under 100 days away!

    Yes, the Meet is going to be held, and we will have it in the safest way we can using CDC and PA guidelines. We will continue to plan all events to be the same as 2020. If something is still closed, we have a back up plan. You can still come to PA and enjoy 3 days of touring in your Pierce-Arrow. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the meet.

    Thank you to all who have booked rooms and registered so far!

    Don’t forget to order a poster and one of our banners





    Friday’s tour includes a look at one of the rarest Ford Model AA Trucks! A stand to drive milk truck. One of 4 left, and our host owns two! Join the fun today and register for the 63rd Annual Meet


    Don’t wait!!! Deadline for  registration is May 1st, Questions or concerns? Give us a call, Karl



    May 1st is just days away. Make our Meet Registrars job easier and get your registrations in now.

    Thanks to all who are supporting our meet in PA. Don’t forget to sign up for the Calvin High Collection Wednesday evening.



    I just booked what the Hotel said is the last room for the Hershey meet. We look forward to seeing all our Pierce Arrow friends


    Jim and all,

    I just spoke to our contact at the Double Tree and more rooms have been added to our block for the nights that showed zero. Don’t forget that our block deadline is May 7th, take a minute now and call them or use the easy online site.



    Just 3 weeks until touring begins in PA. Your meet committee is working hard to show you our little piece of the world. See you all soon. Karl

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