63rd Annual Meet Banner Project now available

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    We are going to have a sweet time in June, register today. Banners available in the Emporium or from the Members Announcement page.

    Questions: Contact Karl Krouch Sr. cell 717-576-7241 or krouchs@msn.com



    You are putting some of those king size Peanut Butter cups in the Meet goody bags, right?




    If real, it could be a 20 pound peanut butter cup. They came from a retired Hershey employee. (store displays) The original Reeses plant is on the east side of town and still making millions of cups a year. I wish we had an “in” to show us the production lines. We had a Herco VP in the Hershey Region AACA and I would shoot a trap league with the #3 at Kraft, (Hershey owned) now both gone from the top of this world. Our week will be too full as it is…



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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