6 to 12V converters

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    The new PASB discusses ways to power 12V GPS devices, one of them being a 6-12 converter from classiccarstereo. There is another device available on Amazon that is 1/2 the price with higher 10 amp output current capacity at 12V. It is:

    DIGITEN DC 6V 5-11V to 12V 10A

    The Classicstereo unit I had before was only 3 amp output capacity and was not able to power my modest stereo at a high enough volume to hear on the highway (yes, I have a non-authentic stereo hidden so I can hear authentic music).The Digiten has enough output and is a very efficient unit. It can supply the tiny current needed to maintain the presets with only a tiny trickle current. The case does not need to be isolated to operate with positive ground.

    I have several of these units mounted in my Packard. They have enough capacity to power some pretty high volume blowers for my swamp cooler unit.



    What skill level do you need to hookup one? My GPS has been lying to me lately.

    Maybe an execution is in order.


    Basic wire connections. It has 4 wires coming out of the box, + and – input, +/- output. No common ground. The converter case is not grounded, but you have to be careful if the case of the device you are powering is metal and grounded negative. It must be isolated from touching any metal in the car. My old Ipod case is metal and negative ground.Jim


    There are two stores in Chicago, American Science & Surplus, and you can find a whole variety of really unusual stuff there. You never know what you might find there on a given day. I have a sealed lead acid rechargable battery that I hook up to my GPS and it works just fine. It’s good for a day’s drive without recharging. I also got a power supply to use as a charger. I need to do the math on this one, but I am also looking for a very heavy duty wire wound resistor that would drop 12V current down to 6V in order to start my car. Need to find the amperage rating of the starter and resistor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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